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SAIL Home foundation recognizes that independent living fosters fullness of life and increased quality of life for everyone, including adults with disabilities.  We are a small, passionate group of parents, caregivers, and friends, organized to secure affordable housing for adults with disabilities in the St. Albert area, and to advocate for their needs. 

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Our Story

SAIL Home began with two grammas, Alice Sears and Carol Vogler, who have been raising Alice’s grandson Erik since he was 5 years old. Erik, who has Down Syndrome, is now 22, and needs help with his daily activities.  Though physically capable and healthy, Erik has neither the capacity for problem solving nor the ability to fend for himself: he is not able to live alone.  Erik is fun, funny, personable and loves to be around people who interact with him and guide him. As aging parents,  Alice and Carol wanted to ensure that Erik would be taken care of long into the future, without being at the mercy of government cutbacks, housing shortages, and agency constraints.  


If Erik were to be placed through the current system, the Edmonton region involves a lengthy wait list, and the high likelihood that Erik would be placed far from St. Albert, with unfamiliar people who Erik may not be compatible with.  Envisioning a future for Erik came to include these priorities for Erik: that he would have a familiar, safe, and secure place to live, with compatible roommates and appropriate staff support, in St. Albert. 

Alice and Carol began fundraising to purchase ½ duplex in Erin Ridge suitable for a group home.  Their goal was to raise enough of a down payment for the home so that the rent would be reasonable for four young adults with disabilities who receive AISH funding. 


With construction underway, four young adults signed on as the first residents of the group home.  These four attended Bellerose High School together; and each are excited to move into their own home!  Sierra is picking out dish towels; Kalen is ready to paint and hang posters in his bedroom; Alex is planning their first gathering of friends and Erik is looking forward to playing ping pong and wii with his friends.


Alice and Carol’s experience highlighted a gap in services and resources for families in similar circumstance as theirs.  In response, they formed a non-profit organization named SAIL Home (St. Albert Assisted Independent Living) as a resource for people with disabilities and their families, to guide and support their move toward independence. SAIL Home’s mission is:


  • To provide access to affordable housing for adults with disabilities.

  • To offer information, housing options, hope, and resources to individuals with disabilities who wish to live independently,

  • To offer information, guidance, and support to families in order to navigate the emotional and practical realities of supporting a loved one toward independence.


The fundraising continues, so you are invited to follow this link to make a donation:


SAIL Home Foundation:

Carol J. Vogler

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